Thursday, July 22, 2010


Augustus is learning how to roll! We clapped and shouted "Yay" ~ maybe a little too loud because he cried after! None the less, our boy is growing and has met a milestone...THE ROLL-OVER! I've tried catching it on video but he senses Mama is trying to do something important and stops! But the first roll was accomplished with great success and we will catch one in the future I am sure.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chatterbox Drool Monster!

Augustus is now ALREADY 3 months & 2 weeks old. I know, I know - he's going to grow - that's how it works. But wow is it going fast. It seems like yesterday I was rubbing my belly and talking to him while he kicked. Now I am singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (one of his favorites) and "You are my sunshine" at bedtime!

One thing we've noticed is how many nicknames the poor kiddo already has! We're going to have to work on narrowing them down or he's not going to know what his real name is! So far: Bug (mommys favorite), Gus, Auggie, BUGustus, Mr. Baby (daddys favorite), the handsome guy, Ah-goos-goos (how his pediatrician pronounces his name),  poops-ma-goops, Augustus Gloop Isaac Newton Niswonger, and on and on. Cole and I have been making a point to call him by his full name: Augustus. It is afterall, his given name. We figure he can chose what he would like to be known as when he gets bigger. Who knows - he may want to be called Spiderman - never know!

In the short little 3 months we've been blessed with him he's already changed everything we expected of parenting. Of course being tired comes with it but waking up every 3 - 4 hours to see him smile at me is something I will just have to deal with - haha. I love that little smile and though being tired is tough - all worth it. If I was ever asked what it's like to be a new parent - I would say this: it's tiring, at times you question what you are doing and if it is right but it is also the best feeling in the world and for every negative the positives outweight and are worth it.

We have a little chatterbox drool monster living with us! He is a talker! I love watching him as he "talks"...his little mouth and tongue move about trying to form words and you can see in his eyes that he really is telling us something. He loves to carry on lunchtime chats with daddy. He really seems to react quite loudly when Cole talks to him. One day we will know what he is saying but for right now - I'm ok with the "words" that do not make sense.

He's got this personality that is just so amazing. He loves to giggle, smile and daddy taught him to stick out his tongue. So he does that alot! He knows he will get a giggle from us when he does it.

He loves sitting in his highchair also. No need for a Bumbo in this house! His highchair has an infant insert and he loves it! He's able to play with his favorite toys (besides his hands) - his linkables, his keys and his book that sounds like plastic crackling. We recently have been giving him cooling teething toys also. He wont hold them but if we hold them for him he likes to suck on them. This kid is pampered! The drooling has begun, hence the teethers. It started a few weeks ago. His hands are his favorite thing to chew on...we have tons of toys but his hands are what he loves!?!? Often times when he's napping we will hear that distinct sucking noise and there he is - awake and eating his fingers.

He's experienced his first fourth of July this summer. At first, the loud noises from the fireworks scared him but then he was ok and sat on my lap and watched them with his cousin Gaven nearby. It's so neat that they are the nearly the same age and experiencing so many "firsts" together. For example - this was their first "Annual Fourth of July Bash" at Ungle Doug & Aunt Lisa's Party Palace. One day when they are bigger they will get to enjoy the big jungle gym Uncle Doug built. It's huge and all of their little cousins already do!

Augustus met one of Grandma Gust's closest friends at the party. Her name is Norma. She got  a kick out of him! She talked to him and he held her finger and laughed at her. She just loved that he did that. I wonder if that's what it would've been like had he been able to meet Gram. I know she would have loved him. All of the kids loved her so much! She was always so great with all of us. I still think when he smiles and giggles in his sleep it's because she's talking to him or singing to him. I would have loved for them to meet each other. Cole sings this song that I remember Gram singing - "I love you a bushel and a peck...a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck." - I wonder if that's her way of singing to Augustus ~ through Cole.

After being coated with sunblock he also went swimming again. His first go-round didn't go so well we tried it again and this time he really liked it! He went 3 times in one weekend so we are hoping now he will be ok with it. He has a new floaty that Nana Sherry bought him and while it's a little big yet this summer - I think it helped him feel better about being in the water. He just floats around and loves it!