Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Month Two! in pictures...

I apologize for not posting much...life is a little hectic right now and I am getting into a new groove! It's on my list to post more and keep you all updated! Here's a brief summary of Month Two:

He went to Walbridge for the first time and met lots of his new family members including his new cousin Gaven. They are 5 weeks apart! Future buddies like mommy and Gavens daddy Steven.

This was his first time to church at Cedarcreek.

His swing is his favorite place to be. He watches the mobile and loves the nature sounds it plays.

He napped for a whole 5 minutes in his crib for the first time. He isn't sleeping in it yet but we wanted to give it a try. Epic Fail. lol. ;)

His giggles are more frequent lately. His smile are too. He's learning his facial expressions will get a reaction from us. He likes to smile alot.

Floor time = FUN time!!

He also went in Aunt Kelie & Uncle Henry's pool for the first time. He didn't like it so we borrowed this awesome rocket raft and he seemed to feel more comfortable in it. He took a pretty long nap in it too!

He also met his "fur-cousin" Deisel...an English Mastiff. He's a gentle giant if you are in his circle. Thank God Augustus was accepted into his circle quickly. Deisel didn't seem to mind him much. Augustus probably thought he would get to ride him like a pony. Maybe one day he will!

He went to his first petting zoo at Youngs Jersey Dairy - he didn't seem to care. lol.

Month Three is upon us and we will have lots of new experiences to share. He will experience his first Fourth of July celebration at Uncle Doug & Aunt Lisa's Party Palace and he will meet his new best friend Landon = who is due July 23!