Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Augustus celebrated his 4 month birthday at a Gaelic Storm concert at Celtic Fest. We took him over to the Sherrer/Chambers residence for a nice pre-fest cookout and then to the fest. He slept most of the time we were there. He tends to sleep through things quite often. When the concert started he wasn't too happy. He doesn't really care for loud noises and the clapping was just too much for him. We watched from a distance and danced on the patio. He still had fun.

Today he went in for his 4 month check up with Dr. Kamdar. His new nurse Michelle weighed and measured him....our little Bug is growing fast. He was 24 1/2" long and 16 lbs. 10 oz.! Dr. Kamdar called him a little Roly-Poly and he cried. She said it must have hurt his feelings. :( She then said he will be a football player. He liked that compliment. After all the mama-doctor talk he was due for his shots. Not fun. Augustus started working the charm on his doctor when she was talking about his shot schedule. He smiled and giggled...she told him "You are not supposed to flirt with your doctor!" and laughed. Then she told him it was a nice effort but he was still getting his shots...lol! I love his pediatrician. She is just the best. She always makes us feel at ease and answers each and every question fully. You never feel rushed like at the regular doctors office. She's a very sweet woman. And A-Goos-Goos (as she calls him) loves her also. The big surprise was his teething...we know he is drooling alot and chewing everything in site includes his hands and our hands but she said that he will probably start getting soon...oh dear God help us! We've stocked up on the Hylands so we should be all good!

Luckily his cousin Kerigan is visiting from Connecticut and he had her with him to keep him calm for his shots. She played with him until the moment came and then she no longer wanted to be there. She couldn't bear seeing him get his shots. Dr. Kamdar let her pick out a sticker while the nurse and I prepared him for his shots. He was a total trooper this time around. No tears!! Which was really awesome because usually I leave the room and Cole holds him while they give them to him. But Cole wasn't able to come this time so it was just me....and the nurse with the needles. 1 oral vaccine and 2 pokes later - surprisingly we still had a happy boy.

He's doing well and growing big and strong. We are going to start cereal in a bowl with a spoon to get some practice in. Then, next month we will start his purees'. I'm pretty excited to make those. It will be basic first...greens, then yellows, then fruits etc. She gave me a schedule of foods and when to start them. He is getting so big already I cannot believe I am even thinking about purees' yet. But they grow...that's the way it works. Size 3 diapers, 3-6 month clothes and purees' already.....wowza.

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