Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

13 weeks! I'm almost there....the Second Tri-mester awaits!

So I made it!!! I am happy to admit that the all day sickness is fading - Glory be to God!

I hope it stays on this path and continues to fade. Though in a weird way I find it (the sickness) a bit consoling because it is the one way I know the baby is ok. As crazy as that sounds I know that as long as I feel sick it is a “good sign” because the doctor says that means the baby is growing and healthy. But I am worried about many things so I’ll just add that one to the list. It’s very unnerving being pregnant as there are so many things to really consider and think deeply about: which tests to consider/which ones to pass on, which vaccines are necessary, who will raise our baby if God forbid something happens to us both…these are just some of the pleasures of being pregnant. I am a natural worrier so of course, these are on my mind frequently.

My bump is growing and really showing. It’s nice because I do not feel like I am just looking fat - I actually look pregnant! *winks* My dad tries to re-assure me, bless his heart, and tells me that anyone who looks at me knows it's pregnancy weight. Weight has always been a worry of mine so gaining hasn’t been easy but it is necessary so I will do it. Being able to eat more will help too. Bug needs to grow and I need to make room for him/her. One thing that really stinks though is that maternity clothes are pretty plain….most have the tie in the back and just are blah. I have been fortunate enough that I have family that has helped me put off the cost of buying these wonderful clothes and they have been treating me to little shopping sprees for mommy wear. We’ve been able to find some pretty cute stuff!!

The really cute stuff though is definitely in Bugs closet. I recently purchased the “B is for Bob” onsie with Bob Marley’s picture on it - another *must have* for Bug. I’m trying to not be a “buyer” as I know we will get plenty from family and friends but sometimes it’s really hard. If I see something that I just know Bug would be perfect in - I feel like I have to buy it because if I don’t - it won’t be there when I go back. But that has only happened twice so I am not doing that bad. At least I don’t think so. I mean seriously - “B is for Bob” is one of the best cd’s I’ve heard (Cole and I both love it!) and Bug had to have the matching shirt! And to push my point even more - “B” is for Bob and that my friends is learning letters and word association. I think I’ve justified that purchase, thank you very much! ;)

Other than that, not much is happening as of late. I’m feeling random emotions and have had a few meltdown crying situations. There I was sitting in the Meijer parking lot, crying my eyes to my Aunt Debi on the phone up north in Michigan because I didn’t feel well (Welcome Fall & Fall related sinus issues!) and needed Vitamin C but couldn’t drink orange juice because Bug doesn’t like it. It’s just random. However, I have noticed that it is still really hard for me not to pick up the phone and call my Gran every time something happens. I want to call her after all of my appointments and tell her all about them because I know she would want to know and I know she would laugh at me when I have my little random moments and she would make me feel better in the way only she could. I miss her. It is supposed to get easier and it is not. It feels like its getting harder because I want her to be here. I want our baby to know and experience the amazing person she was. Now I’m crying again. See what I mean??? Random moments!

On a good note, since I am feeling better Cole and I are definitely eating better! I’m cooking more and trying new recipes again. But fruit is still my main course most days and I made this fruit dip my Gran used to make so it gives it a little extra yum! I cannot get enough! And the laundry is finally caught up. And more is getting done around the house….yay! A clean house is a happy house…ours is getting there!

Oh wait! One more thing - what is up with the lady in Indonesia scaring the crap out of all pregnant women and giving birth to a 19 lb. baby!! NINETEEN POUNDS!!!! Oh.Dear.God. please....NO!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

12 week checkup!

We went to see our Dr. yesterday. It was so exciting!!

We heard Bugs heartbeat for the first time. It was by far the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I am so in love with our little bug - it is such a different kind of love than any I have ever imagined. I just lay there with this goo on my belly and Cole next to me and we both were in such awe. Our doctor counted and estimated 160 beats per minute. Some say that is fast and means girl, some say the opposite. I really don't care what the wives tales say because what I heard was my child. My little bug. His or her little heartbeat was just thumping away so perfectly and so beautifully. I am so amazed.

My Gran always said "If you ever wonder if God exists, just look into the eyes of a child." Well, I cannot see Bugs eyes yet, but I can hear bugs heart. And I know.

Decisions, Decisions...
The Nursery - First we decided if Bug was a boy we'd have the room done in Pirates. If bug was a girl, her room would be done in delicate little flowers - very Shabby Chic. Then after talking with my sister-in-law I decided maybe neutral was the way to go so we wouldn't have to re-do everything if/when we have a sceond child. So then it was Sage Green, Khaki/Taupe and light blue or light pink. I wanted to paint a dandilion (in brown) blowing in the wind....found a great pick online. Then I really started thinking about it today again and decided that idea wasn't childlike. So now I'm on to a new idea! Still the same colors but also add in a light yellow (probably Butter from Behr Paint - I just love that color!) and add some little accents of nature. Maybe fireflys, little caterpillars and such. That's todays idea. We'll see where that takes me.

We also picked out our announcements. I will not share that info though - it's a surprise! They rock!

I went home recently and visited with my family and friends and found out my friend Amber is also pregnant! She is due 6 days before I am!!! She said to me "When I found out you were pregnant too I thought 'why'd she have to move. We could have gone through this together'". So it was really nice because she and I talked about what we are experiencing right now. It is so great to have someone that is going through the exact same kinds of things I am. Everything smells, food taste different and of course...the sickness.

*Bug got a gift! His/her first pair of Ohio State Buckeye socks! First of many OSU related items, I'm sure!!Thanks Christina!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm not getting fat, I'm pregnant.

10 weeks, 6 days!

Thankfully for the baby, I've gained 3 pounds. I am now up to......right and you thought I'd post that!?! This will make my doctor happy. I am really trying to eat more and since he gave me the script for Phenergan it has made it a bit easier. It's funny though that some people just do not understand how long it will last for, myself included. I figured a few hours a day for a few weeks and I'd be feeling great. That was a huge misconception. So was me thinking I could do it all and still have energy left at the end of the day. Yeah right!?! I feel like I'm back in school when I could sleep in late on the weekends except now I sleep in everyday. I definitely am not feeling like "Super wife" lately. I'm cooking more convenience meals and haven't been on top of the laundry in a couple of weeks. It's getting done, just at a slower pace. It's hard to do when I feel hungover all the time. Seriously that is what I feel like - hungover with the flu added in for fun.

One issue I have found lately is cleaning products. I myself am a bleach user. It's sanitary, it smells good and gets the job done! However now I cannot do that. I cannot use my favorite cleaners in the bathroom either. So now it's just soap and water until I find something better that I can use. The scent that these cleaners give off is not healthy for the baby therefore I do not use them.

The Bionic Nose & Taste buds that no longer like anything!

Everything has a scent...everything. Rather I want to or not - I smell it. Even things that do not really have a powerful scent I can still smell them. I'm walking around the house like a drug dog just sniffing out things I do not like and throwing them away. Candles, perfumes, lotions - anything. Cole gets so frustrated!!

And food...I love Dewey's Pizza. Especially the Edgar Allen Poe - big pieces of roasted garlic, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese and much more! Cole went last week to get it for me, bless his heart, because I really wanted it. I ate 2 bites and put it down. It just didn't taste right to me. Cole ate and felt fine and couldn't understand why I didn't think it tasted good. Heck, neither could I. But it just didn't. Same thing happened with a McDonald's Cheeseburger, a Fiber One Yogurt (my absolute favorite) and my favorite mixed veggies. Lately it seems that the only thing I really want to eat is fruit. Fresh fruit. Cole makes fun because I buy the small container and then he has to go get more because I eat it all in one sitting.

I have a bump now too. And though it is not big it's still enough to prevent me from wearing my favorite jeans. Ashley taught me this cool trick with a hair rubber band and the button of my jeans but I am afraid to do it as it would be super embarrassing should that chose not to work while I'm in public! I have a few pairs of maternity pants that I bought at the Goodwill and then my AJ bought me a cute pair of maternity jeans too. By the way, the Goodwill sells Liz Lange Maternity Clothes (from Target) and Motherhood Maternity with the tags still on them from the stores. I love it! Brand new for $4.99! Can't beat that! Considering I will only wear them for such a brief amount of time I am excited to pay so little! They have some really cute stuff. And Maternity Resale shops them! I buy the smaller sizes now til I need to "upgrade" to the larger sizes. For now I am proud to report my "fat pants" are a size 6. Yea! Cole says I need to just get used to the idea that I am not getting fat, I am growing because I am growing a human inside of me. Fun times.

I have another new favorite product:
Yes, Burt's Bees of course! I love this line of Mama Bee products! They are all natural, organic and smell yummy! All of Burt's Bees stuff does. I've used their products for years! The Mama Bee Belly Butter and The Peppermint Foot Cream are just amazing!!! I didn't care for the smell (yes smell - eww) of Palmer's as previously posted and my friend found me the Belly Butter at Target! We looked everywhere and it was sold out so I just new it was good and I needed it!

Next Tuesday is our next appointment. Hopefully we will hear the baby's heartbeat on the Doppler. How cool with that be???


Cole bought this for Bug on Saturday. How adorable will this be on our little pirate baby!