Wednesday, September 16, 2009

12 week checkup!

We went to see our Dr. yesterday. It was so exciting!!

We heard Bugs heartbeat for the first time. It was by far the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I am so in love with our little bug - it is such a different kind of love than any I have ever imagined. I just lay there with this goo on my belly and Cole next to me and we both were in such awe. Our doctor counted and estimated 160 beats per minute. Some say that is fast and means girl, some say the opposite. I really don't care what the wives tales say because what I heard was my child. My little bug. His or her little heartbeat was just thumping away so perfectly and so beautifully. I am so amazed.

My Gran always said "If you ever wonder if God exists, just look into the eyes of a child." Well, I cannot see Bugs eyes yet, but I can hear bugs heart. And I know.

Decisions, Decisions...
The Nursery - First we decided if Bug was a boy we'd have the room done in Pirates. If bug was a girl, her room would be done in delicate little flowers - very Shabby Chic. Then after talking with my sister-in-law I decided maybe neutral was the way to go so we wouldn't have to re-do everything if/when we have a sceond child. So then it was Sage Green, Khaki/Taupe and light blue or light pink. I wanted to paint a dandilion (in brown) blowing in the wind....found a great pick online. Then I really started thinking about it today again and decided that idea wasn't childlike. So now I'm on to a new idea! Still the same colors but also add in a light yellow (probably Butter from Behr Paint - I just love that color!) and add some little accents of nature. Maybe fireflys, little caterpillars and such. That's todays idea. We'll see where that takes me.

We also picked out our announcements. I will not share that info though - it's a surprise! They rock!

I went home recently and visited with my family and friends and found out my friend Amber is also pregnant! She is due 6 days before I am!!! She said to me "When I found out you were pregnant too I thought 'why'd she have to move. We could have gone through this together'". So it was really nice because she and I talked about what we are experiencing right now. It is so great to have someone that is going through the exact same kinds of things I am. Everything smells, food taste different and of course...the sickness.

*Bug got a gift! His/her first pair of Ohio State Buckeye socks! First of many OSU related items, I'm sure!!Thanks Christina!!

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