Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

9 weeks and we have names picked!

Exciting news! We've chosen names that we are sticking to! OK so I'll be honest we've had names picked out for a long time but now we've figured out the middle names too!

Girl: Stella Rose Jeanette - Stella was Cole's great grandma and Jeanette was my Gram's middle name.

Boy: Augustus Isaac - Augustus contains my maiden name "Gust" and Isaac is Cole's Papaw.

That's it, no changing them. We've made up our minds! Right? Right. Some people say you can't name a child until you see it but I'm pretty sure we love these names. Cole says even when we find out the gender (yes we are, in November) we will not call the bug by it's name - I don't know why but that's what he says. One reason he gave was that doctors make mistakes about that....I pretty sure a little who-who looks like a who-who but Cole said no so I will follow him.

One thing is for sure - the Bug will always be Bug. No matter what name we give him or her.

Today I had to fun job of explaining to Cole the purpose of a bassinet. He considers it just a waste of space but I tried to stress the convenience factor of having one. But then we both went off on a new idea of having a bed in the babies room so that I can just sleep in there. I do not know why it's even a discussion because we already have an antique bassinet we bought from my seamstress!

Yes people, we are becoming parents...pray for us, lol.

Oh something else that was super exciting is we got a beautiful swing that plays nature sounds from my Aunt Jenny. It is so beautiful and it is the colors we've chosen for the Bugs room!! And it even has little bugs on it!!!!!! Perfect! And she bought me maternity clothes and the Bug some great little clothes too! And she bought Cole some too so he didn't feel like he was loved any less! (How cute is that!) I am so in love with the "Rock your baby" t-shirt!!! It has a little guitar on it! Oh and I bought the Bug something too but Cole says it's more for him and I than the Bug...I bought: "B is for Bob" - Bob Marley's greatest hits toned down for babies! It's so awesome!!! When I first got it Cole said "Oh great, you wanna raise our baby to be a pothead!" but then he liked it too's a keeper!! Yea!! Our kid will be so cool. *gives thumbs up*

Tomorrow Bug will experience his/her first country concert! How exciting. We're going to see Josh Turner. Good times! I remember mom telling me the first concert I went to in her belly was like 38 special or REO Speedwagon or something like that. =) Awesome.

Bug's gonna love music!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

8 weeks!

Today marks my 8th week. I am very overcome with emotion today. I am not quite sure why. I've been really stressed lately and I had a scare this week and maybe that could be it but really in my heart I knew God would take care of me, take care of us.

Seriously it was quite comical. As we sat in the car going home from the grocery I was reading my favorite book at the moment "The Pregnancy Countdown" and came to the 8th week section. I'm reading all the funny stuff about the so called "Morning Sickness" being a term created by a man even though it lasts all day and on and on. Funny stuff. But then I got to the part where it said "Your baby now has arms and hands, legs and feet and even though they are webbed, they are forming." and I just lost it!!!

I'm sitting there bawling my eyes out. Here's how that conversation went:

Cole: "What's wrong??"

Me: "Our baby has hands and feet."

Insert crazy look from Cole here.

Cole: "OK, well why are you crying?"

Me: "I don't know."

I think it's just because the bug has just been described as a "blob" for the last couple of weeks and now the bug is actually forming into a human being, right inside of me.

I think it finally hit me what kind of miracle is really occurring.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bug doesn't like

Today has been a toughie. I had some issues throughout the night and early morning. Woke and felt just terrible. It's almost like a hangover feeling with the flu added in. Heartburn, tummy ache and just tired all day. I feel like a lazy bum. I've sat (ok I pretty muched layed) here all day and watched television and messed around on the computer. B & B brought me fruit trays and chicken nuggets from McDonalds to make me feel better. The fruit trays are delicious and quite a good deal! $1.69 for apples, grapes, vanilla yogurt and walnuts. Very yummy. And Bug loved it. They brought me 2 - one for now, one for later. I ate them both within 3 hours!! They tasted good and for a small amount of time - I felt better. As soon as the apples wore off - the icky came back.

I tried to take the phenegran and it didn't seem to help today. Not sure why. Usually it does. I called mom and her first question was "What did you eat yesterday"...she helped me come to the conclusion that the Buffalo Chicken Dip probably wasn't a good decision. (Kelie makes it and it is sooo good.) She gave me some great ideas and got me laughing to feel better. Gotta love moms! So far, the crackers have been good. And soon I will attempt real food. We'll see if it helps or hurts.

We've been following Bug's growth on - every week we get a new email with the Bug's growth and what to expect that week. So neat. Cole and I get excited and always sit and read it together. This week the baby is not very attractive (it looks like chewed up gum with a tail - ewwww) but in a few weeks - it will be better. He/she has little spuds for arms and legs and eye lids! His/her heart is big and strong. If what people say is correct about morning sickness being a good thing because that means the baby is growing and doing well then our baby is a champion! Mama is not feeling good. I welcome it though if that means our little bug will be healthy and strong when he/she arrives!

On a side note - two new products I have come to love are:
- Burt's Bees Mama Bee Leg & Foot Creme - one word: AWESOME!
- Suave Cocoa Butter with Shea
I am so freaked out about stretch marks! We bought the Palmers Stretch Mark Massage Lotion and I just cannot handle the smell. It's so chemical smelling like gasoline - ewww. So the Suave was purchased to replace it and that is something I can handle. It's like a mixture of vanilla frosting and going to the beach. How could it not be just delicious! And the Burt's Bees....I just adore Burt's Bees products anyway but then add peppermint and rosemary and that delectable Burt's Bees scent - Heaven! Oh and it makes your legs and feet tingle and helps circulation. A win~win!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our New Doctor

Monday afternoon we met our new doctor, Dr. Doshi. LOVE HIM!!

I had horrible sickness on Monday. Morning sickness doesn't exist for me. It's more of an all-day sickness. Before I eat, after I eat, when I'm not eating...all the time. So I wasn't feeling great going in. The nurse was so great about it as she was trying to ask questions and I sat shaking, tears in my eyes and ready to gag. So on with the appointment. She talked to us and then took us into Dr. Doshi's office. He came in and asked us questions - just family history type stuff. He asked about morning sickness and explained some new eating habits I could take on and told me about some medications he could give me. Then came fun time - another exam!

Back into the room we go. Exam comes and goes. Cole has been so great about those. He just sits there next to me, holds my hand or strokes my arm. I think it may freak him out a little more than me. I am used to them but he obviously has never been through anything like that so of course...the jokes follow like "I wonder how much they'd charge us for a spectulum?" and how they use condoms on the ultrasound wand etc. Gotta love man humor!

Afterwards he got down to business answering all of our questions. And when I ran out of questions, he raised more to my attention. This guy was amazing! And we love that his office is all old school and he is old school in his thinking also. My favorite was "Eat what you'd like, just in moderation." Which means I can eat Feta!! Even if it's not American Pasturized Feta. Yay! I also found out that the fact that we eat alot of garlic is good for the baby!

The most important facts we learned were that seeing the babies heartbeat was absolutely one of the best things. He said that during the first tri-mester miscarraige is always an issue but once you've seen a strong heartbeat that lowers you to about a 5% chance. WOW! Thank God!

He claims there is only ONE baby in there...but they told that to my mom too and guess what!?! I was in there hiding behind Leslie. So Cole and I still have hope there's another baby in there! I know what you're thinking - WHY DO YOU WANT TWINS??? It's rather simple actually! Get it alllll done at once! 2 at the same time and then we're done! LOL.

Oh! Important fact - he gave me a script for Phenergan. I took it last night to give it a try and I was out within 15 minutes. I think I will have to break it in half or even in quarters. Hopefully I will be able to eat more now.

Before we left the office we were given presents! Lots of great presents! A diaper bag full of stuff - diapers, magazines, formula, two other small bags of formula and breast feeding info. It had a great book about breast feeding which will be very helpful!

Now we have 4 weeks until our next appointment!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Advice, Books and all that good stuff!

We are going into this with our minds completely open and ready to learn! I found some really great books while at the library and so far one of my favorites is: The Pregnancy Countdown Book: Nine Months of Practical Tips, Useful Advice, and Uncensored Truths by Susan Magee and Dr. Kara Nakisbendi. What a great book! It is so straight forward and even funny!!! I also found a book for Cole. He loves it! I hear him laughing as he reads it and then he has to tell me what he just read that was so funny! It is called: The Guy's Guide to Surviving Pregnancy, Childbirth and the First Year of Fatherhood by Michael R. Crider. They have been great books for us to read! We are both thoroughly enjoying them. I'm thinking future gifts for friends and family who get pregnant! We love them!

And today Cole's Aunt Tami said something that made me feel 100% better - she said she started gaining weight right away. Which makes me feel great because I feel like a Fatty McFat Fat. I have gained some weight and figured I was just not eating right but really - I haven't been eating anything bad. However, I have been eating more because I know it is so important to do so. So far...I've learned that cabbage doesn't work out so well with my tummy and neither does Taco Bell. Which isn't very strange because Taco Bell really isn't good for anyone. Other than that - I'm good. Brushing my teeth hasn't been fun the past few days and I feel like vomiting constantly. Cole said to me today "I've noticed lately that you are on an emotional rollercoaster and you sleep alot." Sleep....I just cannot get enough! Our beagle, Ellie loves it! She loves to sleep and now she gets to sleep cuddled up with mommy all the time.

I also bought the Palmer's belly cream today (thanks for that idea Ashley!) but I do not like the way it smells. So I may be retuning it. I found out Burt's Bee's (one of my favorite brands) makes a Mama Bee Tummy Cream so I may be exchanging the Palmer's for that.

Oh! And I've been burping more than I have in my whole life!!!! God bless Tums.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Little Bug

One cool thing we did experience is the ultrasound! We got to see the bugs heartbeat. That is by far the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. We saw our little bug all snuggly in the yoke sack and the little heartbeat just blinking so perfectly. It made it so real. As of yet all we had to go on were pictures of others peoples here we had ours.


Cole and I had our first OB appointment today. We were really very excited! We went and did the paper work, insurance stuff etc. and were given a vibrating pod - like the ones you get when you are waiting for a table in a resturant. Right there told me this place was much bigger than I was hoping for.

So it vibrates and we go back and a nurse and student take us into a room and weigh me (we will not be posting that here!) and take my BP. Then she is asking me the usuals - "when was your last pap, your last pelvic exam" and then she says "Well, if you had a pap in January - why are you here?" I looked at her kind of questionably because I was very clear that I was coming in because I was pregnant. I told her I was pregnant and she looked at me like she was surprised. So then she says "Oh. Congratulations. I didn't look at your chart." Uhm...isn't that what I went for???????? I told them I was pregnant when I called and why wouldn't she look at the chart???

So she then takes us to a different room. She gets out all the usual "tools" and says she's not sure what the doctor will want to do. So she gives me the gown and leaves. I get undressed, get the gown on and the student nurse comes in. She tells me "You need to get dressed. We need you to do a urine test." Cole and I just looked at each other in shock. Where is the organization?? So I say to her that I haven't had an exam yet and she tells me they need to take urine. So I stand up to get dressed and the doctor comes in! The doctor asks minimal questions and says they aren't going to do a full exam since I had one in January. She just does the STD test they do on all pregnant women. Ok. Good. Fine.

The stirrups are broken and keep moving while she's doing this test so that felt great! Then I sit up and she asks if I have any questions. I do. I ask about the office itself. They have 6 doctors and 1 nurse practioner and I have to see them ALL. I cannot have one doctor. I have to see all 6 and the nurse. This is not settling well. I am learning this is somewhat common at larger practices - I wish I would have know that. I do not want my vagina to be an open door for whomever wants to come have a look, lol. I want to know my doctor.

So I ask her if she can tell me my due date. She doesn't have her "wheely thing" and tells me she will let me know when we leave. So we go out front to schedule the ultrasound as she wants me to have one. As we're waiting there (because no one brought my chart up) a woman comes and tells me I need to come back into the exam room. So we do. She needs to get blood work and a urine sample. Again, I wonder where is the organization here?

So she is getting the viles ready and begins. One of the viles falls to the floor and she has Cole pick it up for her. He does and she proceeds to use the vile that had just fallen onto the unsanitary floor!?! So.....then I go to give my urine sample they are so concerned about and I walk in and there is a stack of Dixie cups and a Sharpie!?! Again, sanitation???? But I have learned this is also common practice in some offices.

We then ask when we will talk to someone about the pregnancy - you know to learn about nutrition, the hospital etc. or whatever else we need to know and are told we have to set up a different appointment to speak to someone else about that. The ultrasounds are done somewhere else too. Cole wasn't happy that everything is done in different places, nor was I. Still we have no due date either. So we asked the nurse at the front desk to figure it for us and she did.

April 1, 2010

So pretty much we decided we are not going back. I don't know if I am just spoiled by having very personal experiences with doctors or what but this place is just not what we were looking for. So...we found a different doctor and we will be going on Monday.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I am experiencing some feelings that my mom calls "just your hormones, it's all normal"....

I am surprised at the love other children have for little ones. One of my new little friends is constantly hugging my tummy and kissing it. She talks to the baby and the other day said "I was listening to your tummy and I heard the baby giggle. The baby will be happy and laugh alot." Such knowledge for a little girl, she's 8. And even though I knew she didn't really hear the baby giggle it made me feel so good for that moment and it brought up so many thoughts...will the baby be happy? Will I be a good mom and make my baby laugh alot? Will our baby be as kind as his/her daddy? Will he/she have the hearts that we do? Will the baby have qualities like Gram even though he/she never got to meet her? Is Gram watching our baby and taking care of us? And on the subject of my Gram, this is so hard to do without her. She was my world, my best friend, my closest confindant and she isn't here now. She won't hold my baby and my baby won't know the woman that everyone loves so much. The feelings that have just come to me are amazing. I know it's so cliche' but I really am just amazed.

But on a negative, I am also very surprised by people who bring up miscarriages. No offense to anyone as I know that I have endo and I know it is probably just out of concern but it crosses my mind too and hearing about it is not what I need. I love my family and I love my friends and I know they love me but that is just not something a pregnant woman wants to hear about. There are so many other worries too. What if our baby has a disease, what if the doctors say "it's mom or the baby?", or the baby has a defective organ...there are sooo many things Cole and I are both concerned about that hearing about them from others is really not ok. It's just sad. And we're so happy right now and so focused on taking care of me and the little bug in my belly that we don't want to hear the negative. I know "Ignorance is bliss" but for just a little while - I want that.

I'm trying to eat more too and that is so...well...hard. I'm not a big eater and now I am trying to eat small meals many times a day. So I'm indulging in trail mix (good protein), water and veggies. I really don't want to end up as a "Fatty McFat Fat" while pregnant. Cole and I are going to walk every morning to get the muscles in good shape and we are focused on healthier eating for both of us. It's tough though - what to eat, what not to eat....geez!!!!

Oh, and 4 more days til we meet our new doctor! I am hoping we get an ultrasound!