Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our New Doctor

Monday afternoon we met our new doctor, Dr. Doshi. LOVE HIM!!

I had horrible sickness on Monday. Morning sickness doesn't exist for me. It's more of an all-day sickness. Before I eat, after I eat, when I'm not eating...all the time. So I wasn't feeling great going in. The nurse was so great about it as she was trying to ask questions and I sat shaking, tears in my eyes and ready to gag. So on with the appointment. She talked to us and then took us into Dr. Doshi's office. He came in and asked us questions - just family history type stuff. He asked about morning sickness and explained some new eating habits I could take on and told me about some medications he could give me. Then came fun time - another exam!

Back into the room we go. Exam comes and goes. Cole has been so great about those. He just sits there next to me, holds my hand or strokes my arm. I think it may freak him out a little more than me. I am used to them but he obviously has never been through anything like that so of course...the jokes follow like "I wonder how much they'd charge us for a spectulum?" and how they use condoms on the ultrasound wand etc. Gotta love man humor!

Afterwards he got down to business answering all of our questions. And when I ran out of questions, he raised more to my attention. This guy was amazing! And we love that his office is all old school and he is old school in his thinking also. My favorite was "Eat what you'd like, just in moderation." Which means I can eat Feta!! Even if it's not American Pasturized Feta. Yay! I also found out that the fact that we eat alot of garlic is good for the baby!

The most important facts we learned were that seeing the babies heartbeat was absolutely one of the best things. He said that during the first tri-mester miscarraige is always an issue but once you've seen a strong heartbeat that lowers you to about a 5% chance. WOW! Thank God!

He claims there is only ONE baby in there...but they told that to my mom too and guess what!?! I was in there hiding behind Leslie. So Cole and I still have hope there's another baby in there! I know what you're thinking - WHY DO YOU WANT TWINS??? It's rather simple actually! Get it alllll done at once! 2 at the same time and then we're done! LOL.

Oh! Important fact - he gave me a script for Phenergan. I took it last night to give it a try and I was out within 15 minutes. I think I will have to break it in half or even in quarters. Hopefully I will be able to eat more now.

Before we left the office we were given presents! Lots of great presents! A diaper bag full of stuff - diapers, magazines, formula, two other small bags of formula and breast feeding info. It had a great book about breast feeding which will be very helpful!

Now we have 4 weeks until our next appointment!

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