Thursday, August 20, 2009

8 weeks!

Today marks my 8th week. I am very overcome with emotion today. I am not quite sure why. I've been really stressed lately and I had a scare this week and maybe that could be it but really in my heart I knew God would take care of me, take care of us.

Seriously it was quite comical. As we sat in the car going home from the grocery I was reading my favorite book at the moment "The Pregnancy Countdown" and came to the 8th week section. I'm reading all the funny stuff about the so called "Morning Sickness" being a term created by a man even though it lasts all day and on and on. Funny stuff. But then I got to the part where it said "Your baby now has arms and hands, legs and feet and even though they are webbed, they are forming." and I just lost it!!!

I'm sitting there bawling my eyes out. Here's how that conversation went:

Cole: "What's wrong??"

Me: "Our baby has hands and feet."

Insert crazy look from Cole here.

Cole: "OK, well why are you crying?"

Me: "I don't know."

I think it's just because the bug has just been described as a "blob" for the last couple of weeks and now the bug is actually forming into a human being, right inside of me.

I think it finally hit me what kind of miracle is really occurring.

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  1. And I got tears in my eyes just reading that. It is truly AMAZING this miracle of life growing inside you! There is not a day that goes by that I won't treasure and appreciate it. So special.