Friday, August 28, 2009

9 weeks and we have names picked!

Exciting news! We've chosen names that we are sticking to! OK so I'll be honest we've had names picked out for a long time but now we've figured out the middle names too!

Girl: Stella Rose Jeanette - Stella was Cole's great grandma and Jeanette was my Gram's middle name.

Boy: Augustus Isaac - Augustus contains my maiden name "Gust" and Isaac is Cole's Papaw.

That's it, no changing them. We've made up our minds! Right? Right. Some people say you can't name a child until you see it but I'm pretty sure we love these names. Cole says even when we find out the gender (yes we are, in November) we will not call the bug by it's name - I don't know why but that's what he says. One reason he gave was that doctors make mistakes about that....I pretty sure a little who-who looks like a who-who but Cole said no so I will follow him.

One thing is for sure - the Bug will always be Bug. No matter what name we give him or her.

Today I had to fun job of explaining to Cole the purpose of a bassinet. He considers it just a waste of space but I tried to stress the convenience factor of having one. But then we both went off on a new idea of having a bed in the babies room so that I can just sleep in there. I do not know why it's even a discussion because we already have an antique bassinet we bought from my seamstress!

Yes people, we are becoming parents...pray for us, lol.

Oh something else that was super exciting is we got a beautiful swing that plays nature sounds from my Aunt Jenny. It is so beautiful and it is the colors we've chosen for the Bugs room!! And it even has little bugs on it!!!!!! Perfect! And she bought me maternity clothes and the Bug some great little clothes too! And she bought Cole some too so he didn't feel like he was loved any less! (How cute is that!) I am so in love with the "Rock your baby" t-shirt!!! It has a little guitar on it! Oh and I bought the Bug something too but Cole says it's more for him and I than the Bug...I bought: "B is for Bob" - Bob Marley's greatest hits toned down for babies! It's so awesome!!! When I first got it Cole said "Oh great, you wanna raise our baby to be a pothead!" but then he liked it too's a keeper!! Yea!! Our kid will be so cool. *gives thumbs up*

Tomorrow Bug will experience his/her first country concert! How exciting. We're going to see Josh Turner. Good times! I remember mom telling me the first concert I went to in her belly was like 38 special or REO Speedwagon or something like that. =) Awesome.

Bug's gonna love music!

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