Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bug doesn't like

Today has been a toughie. I had some issues throughout the night and early morning. Woke and felt just terrible. It's almost like a hangover feeling with the flu added in. Heartburn, tummy ache and just tired all day. I feel like a lazy bum. I've sat (ok I pretty muched layed) here all day and watched television and messed around on the computer. B & B brought me fruit trays and chicken nuggets from McDonalds to make me feel better. The fruit trays are delicious and quite a good deal! $1.69 for apples, grapes, vanilla yogurt and walnuts. Very yummy. And Bug loved it. They brought me 2 - one for now, one for later. I ate them both within 3 hours!! They tasted good and for a small amount of time - I felt better. As soon as the apples wore off - the icky came back.

I tried to take the phenegran and it didn't seem to help today. Not sure why. Usually it does. I called mom and her first question was "What did you eat yesterday"...she helped me come to the conclusion that the Buffalo Chicken Dip probably wasn't a good decision. (Kelie makes it and it is sooo good.) She gave me some great ideas and got me laughing to feel better. Gotta love moms! So far, the crackers have been good. And soon I will attempt real food. We'll see if it helps or hurts.

We've been following Bug's growth on - every week we get a new email with the Bug's growth and what to expect that week. So neat. Cole and I get excited and always sit and read it together. This week the baby is not very attractive (it looks like chewed up gum with a tail - ewwww) but in a few weeks - it will be better. He/she has little spuds for arms and legs and eye lids! His/her heart is big and strong. If what people say is correct about morning sickness being a good thing because that means the baby is growing and doing well then our baby is a champion! Mama is not feeling good. I welcome it though if that means our little bug will be healthy and strong when he/she arrives!

On a side note - two new products I have come to love are:
- Burt's Bees Mama Bee Leg & Foot Creme - one word: AWESOME!
- Suave Cocoa Butter with Shea
I am so freaked out about stretch marks! We bought the Palmers Stretch Mark Massage Lotion and I just cannot handle the smell. It's so chemical smelling like gasoline - ewww. So the Suave was purchased to replace it and that is something I can handle. It's like a mixture of vanilla frosting and going to the beach. How could it not be just delicious! And the Burt's Bees....I just adore Burt's Bees products anyway but then add peppermint and rosemary and that delectable Burt's Bees scent - Heaven! Oh and it makes your legs and feet tingle and helps circulation. A win~win!

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