Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Cole and I had our first OB appointment today. We were really very excited! We went and did the paper work, insurance stuff etc. and were given a vibrating pod - like the ones you get when you are waiting for a table in a resturant. Right there told me this place was much bigger than I was hoping for.

So it vibrates and we go back and a nurse and student take us into a room and weigh me (we will not be posting that here!) and take my BP. Then she is asking me the usuals - "when was your last pap, your last pelvic exam" and then she says "Well, if you had a pap in January - why are you here?" I looked at her kind of questionably because I was very clear that I was coming in because I was pregnant. I told her I was pregnant and she looked at me like she was surprised. So then she says "Oh. Congratulations. I didn't look at your chart." Uhm...isn't that what I went for???????? I told them I was pregnant when I called and why wouldn't she look at the chart???

So she then takes us to a different room. She gets out all the usual "tools" and says she's not sure what the doctor will want to do. So she gives me the gown and leaves. I get undressed, get the gown on and the student nurse comes in. She tells me "You need to get dressed. We need you to do a urine test." Cole and I just looked at each other in shock. Where is the organization?? So I say to her that I haven't had an exam yet and she tells me they need to take urine. So I stand up to get dressed and the doctor comes in! The doctor asks minimal questions and says they aren't going to do a full exam since I had one in January. She just does the STD test they do on all pregnant women. Ok. Good. Fine.

The stirrups are broken and keep moving while she's doing this test so that felt great! Then I sit up and she asks if I have any questions. I do. I ask about the office itself. They have 6 doctors and 1 nurse practioner and I have to see them ALL. I cannot have one doctor. I have to see all 6 and the nurse. This is not settling well. I am learning this is somewhat common at larger practices - I wish I would have know that. I do not want my vagina to be an open door for whomever wants to come have a look, lol. I want to know my doctor.

So I ask her if she can tell me my due date. She doesn't have her "wheely thing" and tells me she will let me know when we leave. So we go out front to schedule the ultrasound as she wants me to have one. As we're waiting there (because no one brought my chart up) a woman comes and tells me I need to come back into the exam room. So we do. She needs to get blood work and a urine sample. Again, I wonder where is the organization here?

So she is getting the viles ready and begins. One of the viles falls to the floor and she has Cole pick it up for her. He does and she proceeds to use the vile that had just fallen onto the unsanitary floor!?! So.....then I go to give my urine sample they are so concerned about and I walk in and there is a stack of Dixie cups and a Sharpie!?! Again, sanitation???? But I have learned this is also common practice in some offices.

We then ask when we will talk to someone about the pregnancy - you know to learn about nutrition, the hospital etc. or whatever else we need to know and are told we have to set up a different appointment to speak to someone else about that. The ultrasounds are done somewhere else too. Cole wasn't happy that everything is done in different places, nor was I. Still we have no due date either. So we asked the nurse at the front desk to figure it for us and she did.

April 1, 2010

So pretty much we decided we are not going back. I don't know if I am just spoiled by having very personal experiences with doctors or what but this place is just not what we were looking for. So...we found a different doctor and we will be going on Monday.


  1. I'm sorry your first appointment was so horrible. I hope your new doctor will be on the ball and take complete care of you and your little bug! :)

  2. That is not very organized. Sorry it was not a good experience. I would go somewhere else also. It is normal in large practice's to see all the docs (& have your sono at a different location) and peeing in a dixie cup is normal also--they just need to dip it for a couple things. Although for your first visit it should have been a clean catch--to check everything. When we did OB appt. (which I worked family practice) we set aside around an hour for the doc to talk about all the stuff you want to know about and the exam, blood work, etc..... Very weird--but so happy you got to see your little ones heartbeat--that is so awesome!!!! April fools day--so cool!! :)