Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm not getting fat, I'm pregnant.

10 weeks, 6 days!

Thankfully for the baby, I've gained 3 pounds. I am now up to......right and you thought I'd post that!?! This will make my doctor happy. I am really trying to eat more and since he gave me the script for Phenergan it has made it a bit easier. It's funny though that some people just do not understand how long it will last for, myself included. I figured a few hours a day for a few weeks and I'd be feeling great. That was a huge misconception. So was me thinking I could do it all and still have energy left at the end of the day. Yeah right!?! I feel like I'm back in school when I could sleep in late on the weekends except now I sleep in everyday. I definitely am not feeling like "Super wife" lately. I'm cooking more convenience meals and haven't been on top of the laundry in a couple of weeks. It's getting done, just at a slower pace. It's hard to do when I feel hungover all the time. Seriously that is what I feel like - hungover with the flu added in for fun.

One issue I have found lately is cleaning products. I myself am a bleach user. It's sanitary, it smells good and gets the job done! However now I cannot do that. I cannot use my favorite cleaners in the bathroom either. So now it's just soap and water until I find something better that I can use. The scent that these cleaners give off is not healthy for the baby therefore I do not use them.

The Bionic Nose & Taste buds that no longer like anything!

Everything has a scent...everything. Rather I want to or not - I smell it. Even things that do not really have a powerful scent I can still smell them. I'm walking around the house like a drug dog just sniffing out things I do not like and throwing them away. Candles, perfumes, lotions - anything. Cole gets so frustrated!!

And food...I love Dewey's Pizza. Especially the Edgar Allen Poe - big pieces of roasted garlic, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese and much more! Cole went last week to get it for me, bless his heart, because I really wanted it. I ate 2 bites and put it down. It just didn't taste right to me. Cole ate and felt fine and couldn't understand why I didn't think it tasted good. Heck, neither could I. But it just didn't. Same thing happened with a McDonald's Cheeseburger, a Fiber One Yogurt (my absolute favorite) and my favorite mixed veggies. Lately it seems that the only thing I really want to eat is fruit. Fresh fruit. Cole makes fun because I buy the small container and then he has to go get more because I eat it all in one sitting.

I have a bump now too. And though it is not big it's still enough to prevent me from wearing my favorite jeans. Ashley taught me this cool trick with a hair rubber band and the button of my jeans but I am afraid to do it as it would be super embarrassing should that chose not to work while I'm in public! I have a few pairs of maternity pants that I bought at the Goodwill and then my AJ bought me a cute pair of maternity jeans too. By the way, the Goodwill sells Liz Lange Maternity Clothes (from Target) and Motherhood Maternity with the tags still on them from the stores. I love it! Brand new for $4.99! Can't beat that! Considering I will only wear them for such a brief amount of time I am excited to pay so little! They have some really cute stuff. And Maternity Resale shops them! I buy the smaller sizes now til I need to "upgrade" to the larger sizes. For now I am proud to report my "fat pants" are a size 6. Yea! Cole says I need to just get used to the idea that I am not getting fat, I am growing because I am growing a human inside of me. Fun times.

I have another new favorite product:
Yes, Burt's Bees of course! I love this line of Mama Bee products! They are all natural, organic and smell yummy! All of Burt's Bees stuff does. I've used their products for years! The Mama Bee Belly Butter and The Peppermint Foot Cream are just amazing!!! I didn't care for the smell (yes smell - eww) of Palmer's as previously posted and my friend found me the Belly Butter at Target! We looked everywhere and it was sold out so I just new it was good and I needed it!

Next Tuesday is our next appointment. Hopefully we will hear the baby's heartbeat on the Doppler. How cool with that be???

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  1. I read your post & thought that I would tell you about a blog my friend has. She tests "green" products & she just ran across a totally awesome line of cleaning products that are all natural (she has it posted). Here is her blog address. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!! The joys a little one brings are endless. Congrats!!!!