Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cole and Lindsey, bb (before baby)

Cole and I got married on New Year's Eve 2008. Since getting married, we've been living life and figuring out this whole married thing. Good times and a few ups and downs but no biggies. Life has been pretty good to us so far. We live with our "furry children" - Gideon, Molly and Ellie and also our "aquatic child", Eugene the Turtle. Cole works for the City and I take care of Cole.

We like hanging out with each other - playing board games, cooking, grilling, sitting by the firepit, traveling...just being together. Life for us is somewhat simple....well, kind of.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis many years ago. ( I've had multiple surgeries, undergone many kinds of treatments (menopause was the worst!) and taken many kinds of medications. Each of these treatments and surgeries would affect my fertility. Cole and I knew that going into our marriage babies were something we both wanted but knew we may have to seek alternative routes to make that happen.

Months ago, Cole and I decided that since all of the medications I was taking were making me sick - I should just stop. We decided what we wanted to do was give it all to God. We wanted Him to have all control over my body and my disease. So I stopped the medications (with my doctors approval). Doing this could have created a great risk for us as we were no longer depending on the medicine to prevent the tissue regrowth on my reproductive organs. Instead, we were putting our faith in something much greater, God. And God provided. He always does. I started feeling better. I wasn't in as much pain, the pain was there but not as severe. My body was getting back on track, naturally.

Last month, I went in for my usual 6 month check up - which is an improvement because they used to be every 3 months! My nurse asked me if Cole and I were "trying" and she was talking to me about fertility options and she said that when we were ready to have babies I should probably go to a fertility doctor so that it wouldn't be so hard for us. That was kind of hard to hear though I knew it was something we definately were going to have to consider. So I just let it go and went on with our plan; when God felt we were ready - we would be.

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