Thursday, October 15, 2009

16 weeks.

Not much has happened recently. I'm just expanding, lol. The coolest thing lately is that I have felt the baby move a few times. It's a rather different experience. When it first happened I was sitting on the couch in a conversation with Brit and felt this little fluttery movement in my tummy. It was so neat. I know it was the Bug because it was a feeling I have never felt before and I have felt it a few times since. It hasn't happened a lot but here and there. So very neat.

My morning sickness has almost completely gone away too. I am still  getting nauseated in the evenings after dinner. But that will hopefully go away soon too. We went to get my bloodwork done yesterday and I met the rockstar of all phlebotomists! She had the needle in my arm, blood pulled and had cotton on my needlemark within 10 seconds! No kidding!! She was awesome! It was nice too because her office was in the hospital we are going to birth in. We walked around and then asked if we could possibly tour the birthing area but were given the number to call to set it up. So then we asked about the prenatal exercise classes as I am really hoping to find one to go to soon and were told to call the number again and then she told us where to find the calendar of classes available. So we went to the area to get the calendar and were told again to call the, they really push that number on you!!! So I guess I'll be calling the number, ha ha!

Other than that I am just experiencing things that are different and at times think I could give a big guy a run for his money when it comes to burps! LOL. Cole gets so grossed out but I think it's just because he cannot burp. I didn't used to be able to either so it must be a baby gift!!

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