Thursday, November 19, 2009

As the Belly Grows...21 weeks!

You can almost tell by these pictures that Gus likes to hang out low...he loves to kick me just above by bladder. His little feet go go go at night and early in the morning. I can always tell when he's awake from a's usually around 9 p.m. then he sleeps for a bit and kicks around 11:30 p.m.

When I wake up in the middle of the night - he's awake sometimes but not often. It's usually around 7a.m.-ish that I feel him kicking more. He's a bit lathargic during the day....and very active at night....we need to get this schedule switched around somehow! :)

I'm feeling good lately. Tired with a few aches here and there but good. My tootsies have been swelling a bit and so have my hands. Cole suggested wearing my wedding rings around my neck on my necklace but I feel weird with them off. I'm going to wear them as long as I can.

Cole is anxiously awaiting feeling Bug kick! I woke him up the other night to feel because Bug was really kicking hard but Cole still couldn't feel it. Hopefully soon...though I hope it's during the day because Cole says he's going to call everyone to celebrate!!

Bug was given a new nickname this past weekend by his Uncle Brandon ~ Augustus Gloop Isaac Newton Niswonger. Some nickname that is!!!! I was under the impression nicknames were shorter than that. lol. Oh well. Our baby has so much love coming his way when he gets here! He's already so loved by so many people. I very blessed knowing that. Bug's going to have an amazing support circle while he grows.

We've been listening to alot of music lately...all different kinds too. He doesn't seem to prefer one kind to other. He just kicks. One postion he does NOT like is when I sit with my tummy tucked under (I know it's hard to believe it tucks under anything!). It's like s hunched over postion I do sometimes to stretch and he does not like it - at all! I tend to get alot of movement from him when I sit like that. Last night I was playing a little game with him.....where ever he'd kick - I'd lightly push and then he'd kick again. Cole told me to stop annoying him so I only did it 3 times but it was fun to get a reaction from him. He's so awesome!

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