Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bugs Bedroom

....will be adorable!?! We picked out his bedding and I love it! Cole says he will use this bedding to teach Bug what you shoot when you go hunting....I disagree. I will use it to teach Bug about wildlife and how we must protect them! I had my mind made up about the color of his room too but that's changed AGAIN! So I'm just going to wait it out for a bit and then decide. I got the Olympic Safe Paint for $5.00 a gallon (gotta love mis-tints!) and am not really that sad about knowing I can change my mind and it only cost us $5.00. Cole on the other hand - not so happy that I've changed my mind but we haven't painted yet so I still feel it's an ok thing. :) That's a mommy & Grammy Dona project anyway so he has no need to worry.

We finished our registries also. That was fun! It is so hard to go into these stores and look at this adorable stuff and try to chose one pattern, one color etc. It's also very hard to walk out of the store without purchasing everything! I've made just a few purchases - the most recent one was when my Mom and I were locked in at Toys R Us on Black Friday morning. We went for "just a few really great sales" and after 40 minutes of walking around and 2 & 1/2 hours of waiting in line under lock-down by the fire marshall (TRU is not very organized on Black Friday) - I was the happy mommy who saved big and bought 4 packs of diapers for a measly $20.00! I was pretty happy! And I wasn't the only pregnant woman in there buying those diapers either! That is a great deal!

We went to the doctor again on Monday for our monthly check-up. Bug is doing well and was very active once again. He managed to kick the doppler twice! It's almost like a new game for him. It was a bummer though because afterwards I asked our doctor "Dosh-Master" (as Cole likes to call him) when Cole would be able to feel Bug because I've felt him kick for over a month now. His response was "You should feel him already. I felt him twice during the heartbeat check." I was so sad for Cole. He has been so looking forward to being the first person to feel Bug kick besides me. So Dosh-Master told us some tips about when is a good time and such and guess what....later that night, Cole felt Bug kick! He kicked him quite a few times and now pretty much anytime he kicks Cole can feel it! I've been experiencing some wonderful things as well...swelling feet & sciatic nerve pain in my lower back and heiney. Again, all things Dosh-Master considers "normal". Lovely I say, just lovely. I'm getting tired earlier at night now and when I walk I get these little pains in my lower abdomen. Again, all things Dosh-Master calls "normal." So I am going through a "healthy - normal pregnancy" which is great to hear! :)

I've been thinking alot about the birthing process and must admit I'm getting a little scared. I just keep reminding myself that women do it everyday and everyday they make it through it and then have a little bug to love. It's just a rather scary idea of what will be taking place in that delivery room. I know Cole will be next to me and that he will help me. I've already apologized for any un-ladylike things I may say to him during the birth so we're good there. I think he thinks I'm crazy but I've witnessed a birth and I know that I heard some words and statements come out of my sister Leslie that I never imagined hearing! I really do not want to be one of the stereotypes of "You did this to me" and that kind of stuff but who knows! I'm thinking of making a cd of music for in the room during his birth and trying to come with some good songs that usually make me feel good. At this point he may be born to Bob Marley or Jimmy Buffett! We have to sign up for our classes soon and I know we'll learn some techniques and such to help during the birthing process. It still seems a bit scary to me though. I know I can do it, I just worry about those little things that "could" happen.....but that's me, I'm a natural worrier.

On a side note, the Pampers commercial where the mommy gives birth and then holds and cuddles her newborn for the first time - cry fest! I saw a little newborn in a carrier at the grocery today and I got all teary eyed and thought - soon. It's amazing.


  1. You are beyond adorable! I love reading your updates about bug! I cannot wait to see pictures the little boy growing in your belly!!!

  2. I'm so happy that Cole got ot feel Bug kick. That is one of the most amazing things! I know when I was pregnant with our son, that was one thing that I couldn't wait for (for Hubby to feel him kick). I love the bedding you picked out. Whenever I'm in the baby store looking around I often think I wouldn't be able to pick out a set now....they are all so cute. I look forward to & love reading all the updates on Bug. I wish I would have started our blog when I found out I was pregnant. Barker was 9 1/2 mths when we started ours. Take care & have a wonderful day!