Friday, December 11, 2009

As the belly grows...

Here I am at 23 weeks.
Cole said I look really tired in this picture. I WAS!! We had a busy week and I was exhausted but I have learned my lesson! This was the week we went to see the Dosh-Master and I learned all about the swelling and water retention occurring. Cole told me to take it easy so as hard as it was for two evenings I layed on the couch and watched movies/television. I am not good at sitting for long periods of time - I like to keep busy! But I was really happy that after relaxing with my feet up it was easier to get my runners on the next day!

We had alot to do that week though. We got the living room painted (Safe Paint from Lowe's people, no worries), the Christmas decorations up and we went and picked out our Christmas tree! It's our first real Christmas tree. We wanted to make sure we had it all figured out so that way when Bugs older we wont look like idiots when our tree falls because we do not know how to use the tree stand, lol.

Our tree is still going strong so we're feeling pretty confident we'll be able to impress Bug with our tree skills over the years. We went to the tree farm and walked and walked....and walked until we found "our" tree. But this is definately something we plan to do with our Bug in years to come. A "Family Tradition" we'd like to start with him.

Bug has his own stocking this year too. I know it's crazy but we bought it because we got these really cut stockings at Kohl's with our initials stitched into them and instead of  having to get new ones next year so they all matched (yes, they have to match) we bought an 'A' for Augustus. I wasn't going to hang it but there was this empty spot on the mantel and the stocking was just sitting it went up!

Next year, Bug will  be here to have all this fun with us!

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