Friday, December 11, 2009

As the belly continues to grow....

24 weeks! This week Bug weighs at least a pound!
He's very active on certain days, not so much on other. It's when he's not active that scares me a little. Cole too. He'll ask if Bugs moving and when I show concern he just calms me and tells me "He's sleeping." but later on when Bugs moving about I let him know and his face just lights up and he says "Good." and I can just see the relief on his face. Bugs schedule is still the same...early morning, late at night and periodically through the day - but not alot.

He does seem to love baths! I love taking baths and I use it as a time to share with Bug. I tell him how much we love him and how we cannot wait to meet him but that he has to stay in there and bake for a bit longer so he'll be strong. He really is active during bath time. Tonight though was quite an experience! He wasn't really active today and when I got in the bath he still didn't seem to move about. So I had to "bug" him a little bit and he still wasn't reacting. I got nervous and told him "Mommy needs to feel you Bug." and I got this big huge kick in my left was like he was telling me "Woman! I'm in here and I'm trying to sleep!". So I left him alone after that. His movement is just amazing. I look forward to it every day.

When Cole comes home from work Bug is usually awake and when Cole talks to him he really reacts. It's so sweet to us both that he recognizes Cole's voice - at least we think he does. Last week was a really cool experience for Cole!! He came in from work and I was in bed. He wrapped his arm around me and Bug kicked him right in the arm...almost like a "Hello Daddy!" moment. It was so neat. We are really living for little moments like that.

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