Monday, December 28, 2009

26 weeks...and the belly continues to grow!

Our 26 week check up was today. As well as the infamous "Glucose Test"...I'd heard some pretty awful things about that test. I really didn't think it was that bad. The "orange flavored drink" they gave me to drink specifically at 8:15 a.m. was chilled and ready to go. I downed it like a champ. Then I got a headache from it being so cold, lol. Then the race was on...we had to be to the doctors office no later than 9:00 a.m. so they could take the test at 9:15 a.m. We were prepared for this however. We had our plan all figured out the night before....drink, shower, dress, and leave by 8:30 a.m. and we did it! They were very specific - no eating or drinking before the test. Tough one for me because I like to down a glass of water first thing in the morning.

We made it to the office and waited for our appointment. I've gained 3 more lbs. and everything was good. I'm right on track with my weight. So even though I feel like a Fatty - the numbers do not lie - I am doing well. He measured my tummy for the first time and told me Bug was measuring to be a "normal sized baby, not too big not too small." That news made me very happy since I have been so worried Bug would be a big baby like Cole was. 9 lbs. 13 oz. does not sound like fun! So it looks like Bug may take after his mama and be a regular size. THANK GOD! :) He said Bug weighs a little over a pound right now. We heard his heart again too...that sound never gets old. 140-145 BPM. "Strong and healthy."

Our appointments are now going from 4 weeks apart to 3 weeks apart....kind of exciting because it's a sign we are getting closer, but also kind of nerve-racking because it's a sign we're getting closer! LOL.

The negative was that I got into a bit of trouble by the Dosh-Master today. He said I needed to get more rest. I told him I am not a sitter and that it's hard for me to be stationary. He said I need to so I am going to really try and be a little more sedate. I have been feeling very tired lately and figured alot of it was due to the hustle of the holidays. He said it has to do with pregnancy So, I need to be lazy more often. After our appointment I had to have my blood drawn. 2 vials down and in 3 days I should have an answer. If I test positive then I will have to change my diet to a gestational diabetes diet. Doesn't sound like fun but I am not really worried about it. My mom said we haven't really had that issue in our family during pregnancies.

The plans are being made!
We called and scheduled our lamaze classes. We begin in February. I do not think either of us are looking forward to these classes. I remember going to one with my sister Leslie and it was so cheesy. I'm sure we will learn some important information - so we will still attend - but we are not really excited about it. Touring the hospital is going to be the high light though! We'll get to see a birthing room and learn more about the process so at least we have that to look forward to. A co-worker of Coles wife works there and she offered to show us the ropes in a bit more detail than the class. That's kind of exciting.

We recieved Bugs bed, changing table, rocking chair and some other items for his room. I had to order something from his bedding so that we can match up a paint color. We ordered the Diaper Stacker because Cole thought it was cute and useful. I wasn't going to get a diaper stacker but we will use it! I am anxiously awaiting that delivery.

I cannot wait to get his room ready! We've been picking up little things here and there for his room and for him. I bought a little sleeper for his "First Thanksgiving" and also one for his "First Christmas." Gotta love those after holiday sales! We received many great gifts for Christmas for Bug and we are so thankful for all of them! Diapers, clothes, books, etc. We received my favorite childrens book "Love You Forever" and I cannot wait to start reading it to him. Maybe one of those lazy days when I've got my feet up!

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