Thursday, February 4, 2010

30 weeks!

30 weeks....10 to go! Feeling very pregnant lately! We went to see the Dosh-Master and were shocked that I had gained 6 lbs. between visits! That's the most I had gained in between visits! Crazy!

Since my appointments are now 2 weeks apart - things aren't really changing much. He was able to tell us what position Gus was laying in - which was really cool to learn. And he showed us how to feel for him - for instance, when I lay flat part of my tummy will be raised a little bit more and when I feel it - it is harder than the rest of my tummy. So depending on where I feel it - it's either his noggin or his tuchy. His back is longer than the rest of his body so we can feel that pretty easily. He's so awesome!

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