Thursday, February 4, 2010

We all fall down!

Bug and I had a visit to the hospital on Wednesday.


Because mommy is a clutz!

I was eating a mid day snack and on my way to take the plate into the kitchen (yes, I was eating in the living room!) I fell. We have gates in our house that most people use for babies - for our dogs. At some point either I knocked into it or Ellie (our beagle, a.k.a. my shadow) bumped it and it fell in front of me. I tried to stop myself from falling onto my tummy. My knees hit the floor first and the plate, fork and chicken I was eating went flying into the air and onto the floor. I put my hands out and all of my weight went onto my hands and wrists. Then I fell onto my side.

I was freaked out and downright scared! I talked myself into calming down and got myself up off the floor. I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. I rubbed my tummy and was talking to Bug but he wasn't moving. Then I started getting pain in my lower abdomen. I called my mom and told her what happened - she said go to the hospital! Better to be safe than sorry. So I called Cole and told him what happened. He came home and picked me up. I got to go to the hospital in a fabulous police car - which was awesome because we were able to speed and get there quicker. Had I not been so scared it probably would have been a little neater cause I've never been in the front seat of a police car. But I was scared and it didn't matter what kind of car I was in. Bug wasn't moving and I was worried. Cole was so amazing the entire time. He just kept calming me and telling me everything was ok, Bug was fine, it was all ok.

Right before we pulled into the ER I felt a light movement in my tummy but wasn't 100% sure it was Bug or a cramp. We walked into the ER and of course - they recognize Cole. However, it was interesting as people were looking at me and I know they were thinking "Wonder what she did??" - afterall, I had a police escort! 

Having that police escort was pretty awesome. Being pregnant didn't hurt either. They took me right back and the great thing was we had just turned in our early registration forms at Lamaze class so they had all of my info in the computer already! We went into triage, answered some family/health history questions and were taken right back. A nurse came in very quickly and wanted to help because she saw I was pregnant. So nice of her to do. She got the doppler out and we told her where Dosh-Master usually hears Bugs heartbeat. She put the doppler on and found it FAST! His little heart was just racing. I think our poor little Bug was scared. As soon as I heard him I just cried. I was so scared for him. I try so hard to protect him and take care of him and here I had fallen down and nearly put at him at risk of damage. His heartbeat was fast - 165 - usually he's at 145 bpm but they explained it was probably just because of the stress.

They called in 2 doctors and they checked my knees, hands and wrists. I wasn't concerned about me but they were. They were poking around my sides and my abdomen to check out where I fell. Afterwards - Bug started moving all about! I dont think he liked them poking him! Then he got the hiccups and that made us laugh and then we felt alot better. We knew he was ok. Cole had his hands on my tummy and was talking to him and he was responding to Daddy. They called Dosh-Master and he wanted me to be monitored so they transported me over to the Womens Center. Cole's Sgt. was awesome and let him have the rest of the evening off to sit with me because they said I would have to be monitored for 6 hours. They took me into a room that is divided off into mini-rooms by walls and curtains. It was funny because there was this sign on the door that said "One Support Person per Patient" and I thought...DUH! Where would they sit????? The little rooms have the monitors and equipment plus a bed and a chair! There's no room for much else. Our nurse, Tracy, came in and got me hooked up with two monitors - the top lines with the blue are tracking his heartbeat. The lines below that are tracking my contractions -which thankfully I was not having!

This machine shows his heartbeat (128) as it beats onto the little sensors they have wrapped around my tummy. The second sensor was the one Bug liked to kick! Every kick, every movement - we heard them all. The stinky part was that I fell but the part that made everything better was being able to sit in a room for 2+ hours and hear his heartbeat and hear his movements. It calmed both of us.

We sat for quite some time and Tracy continued to check on us. She was so amazing. It is such a blessing knowing we are going to a hospital that has such a great labor staff. they were all so kind and caring. It was genuine too - not just because it's their jobs. They were all so great. Tracy stayed in touch with Dosh-Master and off and on would tell us stuff about the machines, answer questions and she brought me food! I was starving!! I tried to share my food with Cole but he just wanted me to I fibbed and told him I didn't like oatmeal-raisin cookies so that he would eat them. I knew he was hungry but he was putting me and Bug first - which is totally him. He is great about putting us first. I was happy 'cause he ate the cookies but I did take one bite and they were good!! He knew I was fibbing then but it's ok - I wanted him to eat and he did!!
Finally Tracy came back in and told us she spoke with Dosh-Master and after 2 & 1/2 hours - we were given the ok to leave!

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